Upon the invitation to exhibit "premiere" work at an inaugural photography biennial at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, I created this body of new work (and combined it with other new and extant images for the show, "Phototopos 1").

"Cameras" is a study of the topography of the specific camera models that have been key components of the technical side of my lifelong involvement in photograph (starting at age 11). Eighteen cameras that were critical to my photography development and output were photographed; seven of them were printed on 30 inch discs of aluminum and exhibited in a gallery painted in 18% gray — another photography reference — so that the fade-to-white rondo images would stand forward. A 12 x 12 inch companion book provided a reference to the entire series.

These images from the complete series are rondo photographs shown against a 18% gray ground. All images 2014, titles as follow:

Polaroid Swinger, 1967
Kodak Instamatic, 1969
Petri Racer, 1972
Nikkormat FTn, 1973
Minolta XL400, 1975
Polaroid Pronto! B, 1979
Olympus XA-2, 1980
Canon 310 XL-E, 1981
Canon AF35ML, 1982
Nikon Action Touch, 1987 & 1989
Fuji GW670III, 1995
Yashica T4 Super, 1998
Canon Powershot SD20, 2005
Canon 20D, 2005
Canon S90, 2009
Canon 7D, 2009
Apple iPhone 5S, 2013
Canon EOS M, 2013